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Having a great business logo is just as important whether your business is big or small. It is true that as a small business your resources are likely to be smaller too. But there is no reason why you can’t have a fantastic small business logo that perfectly encompasses your brand.

Small business logo

The importance of a small business logo

You might be concerned at how much your small business logo will cost. This is fair enough; small business budgets need to be lean to survive. But there is only one answer to the question ‘will having a professional small business logo really be worth it?’ and that is yes. It really will.

You can read Marek’s recent article all about how much more value professional logo design will give you here http://www.britishlogodesign.co.uk/business-startup-help/logo-design/free-online-logo-makers-and-why-they-cost-you-more-than-a-professional/.

A great small business logo prevents negative assumptions

We know that lots of people can worry about contracting a small business. There are a number of risks which people assume will be higher with a small business; they’ll worry that you’re less established, of the possibility of you going out of business and the implications, they’ll be concerned that if a key member of a project gets run over by a bus that no one will be available to replace them… It can go on. We’ve heard them all ourselves and we know how important it is to convince your customers from the off that your company is different.

With a great small business logo you can do this instantly. The more professional your small business logo looks, the more professional your customers and other businesses will think you are.

Don’t cut corners with your Small Business Logo

Even if your budget is small, your small business logo doesn’t have to look DIY or amateurish. We’ve already written about why you should stay away from free logo generators, and anyone who encourages you to rush into going with any old design without thinking about the message it portrays should be avoided at all costs. We come across so many people who go down this road with their small business logo and regret it – don’t waste your time and money by cutting corners on something so important!

Who should design your small business logo?

A lot of ‘local’ design agencies charge £250-£500+ for their logo design services and although the process and time spent may justify that kind of price, it may not be feasible for a small business budget. The great thing is that we offer solutions for small business logos which can be achieved for as little as £60.

For more details and general advice on our logo design services, take a read of my article ’10 questions to ask your logo designer’ http://www.britishlogodesign.co.uk/business-startup-help/logo-design/10-questions-to-ask-your-logo-designer/ 

We’re specialists in Small Business Logo design

At British Design Experts we have the knowledge to deliver all the offline and online services which small businesses need. Small business logo design has been a service we have specialised (and excelled) in since our launch in 2005. Our designers know small business logos inside and out, having designed thousands of them over the years. By giving your brief to us you can leave it to the experts and trust that we’ll create a creative and professional logo which gives you exactly the small business logo you need for your company – getting it right from the start!

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