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First comes the name of your company, then the logo. What is a logo and why is it so important for a business? Well a logo is your visual identity, the ‘face’ of your company or brand. It should illustrate who and what your business is.

More importantly perhaps, your logo is often the first introduction to your brand for potential customers. If you get it right it will instantly deliver its subliminal message and identify the type of business you are. It reflects your business personality and tells something of who you are.

Things to think about…

Before you get down to designing or briefing us about your logo, think about what message you are trying to get across. Try writing that message in one sentence and then keep this in mind as you come up with visual ideas or your designer brief. A statement like this will really help us.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the most successful logos are simple, unique and memorable. All of these elements make it easier for customers to recognise your company whenever they see your logo.

Unless your business is at the cutting edge, don’t go for ultra trendy either. You don’t want a logo that looks out of date too quickly, nor do you need to confuse customers by having to redesign too often. Your logo should be as timeless as possible.

Your industry

It’s always useful to see the sort of logo preferred by others in your industry. Of course you will want to make yours different and unique, but the type of business you are in will dictate the tone of your logo.  Is your industry serious or playful, casual or formal. This should be reflected in your logo design, but colour and typeface also play their parts too.


The typeface you choose should reflect your business too. Some general perceptions have developed about the style of typefaces or fonts used for certain types of industries such as angular fonts to convey cutting edge and tech firms, and rounded fonts for service based industries. Remember to make sure the font you choose is easily readable in different sizes.


Colour choice can say a lot about a business too. Over time, certain colours have become synonymous with different industries and profession. For instance blue, green and black are often used by finance or banking companies. Fast food tends to lean towards bright colours like red, blue and yellow. Some eco or sustainable companies use green in their logos such as Greenpeace, Greenfingers Charity and organic vegetable box companies.

Remember the more colours you use the more expensive it can be to print and it may not be usable at all on some platforms.

Different types of logo

There are three types of logo:

  • Text based – or typeface based
  • Symbolic or illustrative of your business i.e. a wooden spoon for a cake company or a paintbrush for a decorating company
  • Or abstract – these types of logo usually take longer to establish themselves

Remember the typeface, colour and illustration (or not) give your logo its unique identity.

Different platforms

Don’t forget that your logo needs to be scalable. By that we mean it needs to be usable in any size from your letterhead, business card and website to the side of a van or outdoor advertising.

Marketing and advertising

Let’s get right back to the initial importance of a logo to your business – it is the base of all your marketing materials and advertising. It will be used:

  • On any print materials from letterheads and business cards to leaflets
  • Digitally on your website, your blog and your social media pages
  • On any advertising

This is why it is important that it represents your company as accurately as possible, visually sending out all those messages to anybody who sees it.

Need some help?

If you’re unsure which package will suit your needs take a read through our guide to picking your logo design package, or give us a call to speak with one of our logo design project managers.

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