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Company logo of the week: Phoenix Green Energy

Posted by May 31st, 2013

This week’s winner of logo of the week, Phoenix Green Energy, is a great example of a logo design which reaps the benefits of a psychologically ‘active’ design. The wings of the Phoenix poised to flap down powerfully give a real sense of activity and motion about to happen.

Read our article on ‘active logo design’ to learn more.

About Phoenix Green Energy

Phoenix Green Energy are an green energy installation company who install cavity insulations, central heating systems and boilers and solar panels.

Phoenix Green Energy Installtions logo

The Brief

Phoenix Green Energy came to us with an existing sketch of what they wanted the phoenix to look like, and asked us to develop our own ideas alongside.

What do you think?

Tell us what you think in the comments below – we love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our design. Design is a very subjective field and every comment and opinion is invaluable – make our day and share yours!

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One Response to “Company logo of the week: Phoenix Green Energy”

  1. Ditte Says:

    Better would be to flip the image so that the bird does not look away but rather towards the words/company name. I’d make the jagged edges towards the bottom smooth out so that the bottom is round (means bird is also round, not pointed). Like the colors. create a tad more space between the 2 lines.

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